Class Training Times

Lessons are run on at Ben Rhydding Methodist church on a regular basis, with training occurring every week except Christmas, Easter and a short break in the summer.

Fees and other costs

It is firmly believed that everyone should have an opportunity to train so I try to keep prices as low as possible. The fees below show a graded structure, depending how many direct family members train and how often. Please compare these fees to other local Martial Arts clubs or even Gym membership and you’ll see they are substantially better value.

There are three fees you need to be initially aware of:

  • your joining fees
  • your SSKU license fee (payable to the SSKU)
    your regular monthly training fees
  • Beyond that any expenses for training kit, courses etc are purely optional. All three fees are detailed below….

After your initial THREE FREE lessons you must then decide whether or not to join to club formally.

The initial one-off membership fees are:

Your regular monthly training fee depends on how many people in your family, and how often you train….

Examples of Monthly Training Fee:


One person training once a week –  £24

One person training twice weekly – £38

One person training three times a week – £45



Two people training once a week – £38

Two people training twice weekly – £52

Three people training once a week – £45

Three people training twice weekly – £60