IKC League results for 2015

The club league table for 2015 has now finished and the results are listed below. Student of the month award for December goes to Louis Fielding & Greg Hall.

Trophies will be awarded for those students who achieve a top 3 ranking, including overall club champion in the New Year.

The points are awarded as follows:

1 per lesson
10 points per grading
10 points for student of the month
15 per SSU Open course or other karate course
20 per competition
25 for coming 3rd in a karate competition
35 for coming 2nd in a karate competition
50 for gaining 1st place in a karate competition
So the more you do the more points you get.
Results as at 31 December are listed below.
1st Louis Fielding 170
2nd James Spencer 135
3rd Alex Miles 134
Runner up – Alfie White 113
Girls 1st Juliet & Suzannah Freegard 106
2nd Sophia Leach 92
3rd Melissa Wright 79
Runner up - Elizabeth Rogers 74
1st Vani Midgley 87
2nd Val Simpson 81
3rd Angela Pattinson 74
Runner up - Juliette Hall 64
1st Phil Jamieson 139
2nd Patrick Walton 131
3rd Tony Wright 121
Runner up – Greg Hall 104
Champions League (Top 3)
1st Louis Fielding 170
2nd Phil Jamieson 139
3rd James Spencer 135