Daytime classes launched for retired folk

Assistant club instructor Patrick Walton has launched a new class, primarily for people who are retired in addition to adults wanting to learn a martial art during the day time.

The new classes are on Monday mornings from 10am.

Patrick says there is a big benefit to older people who take up a martial art. He said: “The members of Ilkley Karate Club may not have discovered a panacea for eternal life, but they do have the answer to the problem of shrinking as we age, stretching.

“It is a medical fact that the human skeleton remains the same size after fully grown.

“However, with age the body ligaments contract leading to shrinking as we age. Through regular stretching associated with many of the Far East exercise programmes ligament health is maintained.”

Patrick says the inspiration to set up the class came from an article he read about retired people who had started karate training and had felt the benefits.

He said: “The new class is designed for a diverse range of people who may never have even considered that karate training would be for them, but would like to try. The class will be led by an English Karate Federation qualified instructor and will follow an authentic syllabus that emanates from Japan.

“As the class instructor is himself retired he has a deeper appreciation of exercise for a mature group and women of all ages.”

For further information regarding the Monday class please contact Patrick on 07552 533439