Two more SSKU black belts for Ilkley Karate Club

 Ilkley Karate Club now in it's 25th has welcomed two new members to its ever-increasing group of black belts. Jasmine Blackburne (11) and Piers Walton (13) successfully completed their grading to the rank of 1st degree black belt (1st Dan) and now join the elite ranks within the Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate Union (SSKU).

 The young Ilkley students achieved their long-term ambition after successfully completing a six-hour mental and physical endurance to reach their goal. The black belt gradings are held nationally in Manchester twice yearly, all students from all the clubs in the association are graded by three of the most distinguished Karate Chief Instructors in England. The SSKU dan grades are really hard won, it gives an extra sense of achievement if you make the grade, this is one of the reasons the SSKU black belts are so highly regarded in the karate world and are also recognized in the birth place of karate as each certificate is authenticated with Grand Master Soke Yamada's seal who is recognised as the formative head of Shukokai.

Eleven year old Jasmine now brings a third generation of black belts to her family as the five other family members are also black belts. 

Mark Outterside commented that you really need to prove yourself both technically and physically these days and if you do pass the grade of black belt especially in our style of karate you feel you have earned it. It takes on average 4 years from beginner to black belt level through the grading system.